To the entrepreneur inside!

By September 23, 2020 2 Comments

For he is an entrepreneur.

We might debate over the true definition of ‘entrepreneur’ but there isn’t denying the fact that Everyone has an entrepreneur inside, to some extent. Though, one might not know the truly called undertaking of oneself. Yet this desire of today’s generation of being an entrepreneur is what shall take our country to great heights once again.

When I was in college, I too had loaned-up dreams of being a software engineer alongside additional dreamt-up ones of being a sportsman or a public servant or a businessman. However, deep down inside I always knew my true calling, I was just too scared, too timid to start-up. Plus, you almost always don’t know what you don’t know before you actually start. And, slowly you learn to know what you don’t know.

I was fortunate to work in a company during my last job where the founders thought that their real success would be having people groomed under them to start their own venture. Eventually, from close quarters, I happened to mingle with many Founders and CXOs only to have one eureka realization, they too were human with bones and blood.

It truly helped me in being able to break the shackles and take the first step on this ever-so-amazing journey of being an entrepreneur. As the wise-men said and my personal experience has been that it’s not easy to start-up and scale-up a non-IT, focused on domestic consumption, business in India but somehow we are on the north side of it.

I am sharing this with the ones who think that they are average and feel that they can’t break the shackles. Trust me, it is doable. Of all the people, I could do it, everyone can. Or almost anyone can. For I am just a super average, middle-of-the-road vanilla bloke from next door. And, I have successfully managed to cross the first barrier.

Just some basic chutzpah does it.

If you wish to start-up a non-IT business and you need a sounding board to discuss anything related to your entrepreneurial aspirations while seeking suggestions or not. Do reach out. I would be happy to talk. In case, I happen to have what you need; and I deem you worthy enough: you shall have it.

If you have an IT-related business idea, I am happy to help with the user/business side of it. ( I don’t have the required development skills so I have to make do for it using the gut I have developed 😉 ). If you have already started up and scaled up, I and others in the group would love to hear your story. Do share.

A retail entrepreneur.


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